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Want to become a Marshall?

Guidelines for Volunteering as a Marshal:

  1. You will have a background check done. For any felonies, warrants, etc.

  2. You will need  your own 1800’s style clothing including, but not limited to: Boots, Hat, Vest, shirt, Jacket. If needing assistance we can help you with your outfit.

  3. As a potential Marshal you will not be allowed to carry any type of weapon with you on the grounds for the 1st year volunteering.

  4. After your 1st year of volunteering the Marshal’s community will decide if you are allowed to carry a weapon. This is for the safety of our volunteers and guests

  5. It is requested to assist with skits as a safety officer if you are not in the skit.

  6. Every morning of event there is a safety meeting and this required to attend the days you are volunteering for.

  7. It is encourage to attend Marshal meeting(s) before The Wild West Days event.

  8. While volunteering it is requested (no alcohol consumption is allowed)  that you don’t drink alcohol. If you do want to drink alcohol please notify the marshal’s that you are done volunteering for the day. We request this as a safety to our volunteers and our guests.

  9. The Wild West Days, and The Bad Ax County Marshals are not responsible for any accidents that may arise while volunteering.

  10. Remember that this a family friendly event.

  11. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

For more information contact:


Amanda Hickok 715-203-1186

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