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About Us

Where Old Meets New!

Wild West Days was started in 1996 by a group of people who had a strong liking for that historical period.  Their desire was to bring the Wild West to the present day so all could enjoy.  The first years of Wild West Days too place at the Vernon County Fair Grounds, with the vendors under tents and the rodeo happening right on the fair grounds.  But as time went on, the Wild West Days group rented ground from the city and started to establish the town you now see and enjoy.  

Sat Night Rodeo 2019.jpg

Our Mission

Provide affordable, family fun for years to come!


Each year, the Wild West Days group grew the town you now see today, with the Buckeye Saloon, the Village Market, the People Bank, the Creger's Carpentry shop, the Church, Terry's Mercantile, the Hospital, the Bad Axe Marshals Office, the Wild Rose Cafe, the North Star Hotel, the Livery Stables, the Myron Odegard Pavilion, the Stage Coach Depot, and the Photography building. 

wwd boomtown.jpg
wwd stage coach.jpg

Wild West Days Activities

More things to be found on the grounds are: the Hell on Hooves rodeo arena, hog wrestling pit, vendors with wares to sell including, arrowheads, honeybees and honey, Native American Jewelry, vintage Old West merchandise, new tack, vintage banking, old time photos, a shoe shiner, and more. Check out the graveyard at the church along with many activities for the kids like pony rides, face painting, stage coach rides, kid's games, and a merry-go-round. 

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