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Bad Axe County Marshals

Gun Fights, Arrests, Shotgun Weddings, non-stop action!

Have a loved one, friend or even boss arrested at the Marshals office for only $5, complete with a picture in their jail outfit!!

Our Marshals will search high and low to bring the scoundrel to justice.

You'll have a fair trial in front of the infamous Judge Soy Bean, the meanest hangin' judge west of the Kickapoo. The good Judges's bribe jar will ensure that even the worst thievin' rascals won't get their necks stretched.

If you're of a romantic mind, we'll fetch your true love at the end of a double barrel for a shotgun weddin'. We'll hitch ya at the hitchin post, or of course give ya the option of the hangin' pole.

Stop by the Marshals office at Wild West Days...we'll make sure you're taken care of right nice.

Marshal's Contact Person

John Schmidt


Where Old West Meets New


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